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About Exemplo

We are a highly experienced and capable firm of construction professionals, focussed on bringing about exemplary results for our clients – hence our new name. We are intent on building your story through your project outcomes. We know from our deep experience in the field that what matters are; proud owners, occupiers, and other stakeholders – turning ideas into concepts, and in turn into plans, and plans into liveable, functional, and fulfilling buildings that work well.

Remarkable results, great partnerships and talented, results driven people in our firm combine to inspire, engage, and build great work on your behalf. We invite you to consider and discuss what’s possible for your project.

Introducing the Leader of the Firm

Lakshu Adaikalavan

An industry leader in construction for over twenty years, many at a senior executive level and now as managing director of Exemplo Constructions®. Broadly experienced across all sectors – including Commercial, Community, Sports & Recreation, Health & Aged Care and Education. Projects have ranged in scope from niche to landmark and scale from $200k to $200M. A strong capacity to deliver major projects gained from six years as General Manager of a Tier 2 construction firm in Victoria.

Lakshu holds a degree in architecture, is a registered commercial builder and technically strong across all procurement models. Notably, he is fluent at any stage of the project process – design, development, finalisation, and delivery.  Adding value at every step. Capability and deep experience in the field enable the best value outcome for all stakeholders. Broadly and strongly connected to clients, consultants, and contractors.

Exceptionally strong in inspiring and engaging for results through excellent communication skills, transparency, and commitment to a mutual outcome for all parties.

Passionate and driven to excel, skilled in finding the way to engage all in buildings to be proud of and a legacy of value left to current and future owners.

Lakshu Adaikalavan -Exemplo

Our culture

It’s fresh………………

Every project creates the potential for optimal outcomes, so;

Our principles and experience in the field have consistently reaffirmed our belief that excellent outcomes are generated from the quality of collaboration set up from the start. We stay close to our clients – communication is vital.

We see the project in its community context – where and how is it impacting? Where is future value being created?

We are highly aware of and engaged in safety requirements – risk is central to all decisions.

And finally – we solve problems through transparency, simplicity and consistent engagement with stakeholders.

Professional growth
Professional growth

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