We partner for excellence with your construction project

Our Approach

As highly experienced construction specialists across a wide range of markets, segments and building applications – we approach clients to partner with us as stakeholders.

We have been at the forefront of many landmark projects and less-known buildings. Scale, challenge, and complexity all combine to offer the opportunity to plan and build in a way in which everyone engages to deliver an outstanding result. Not just a process.

We see ourselves as constructive in approach and innovative in our processes.  And why would you want it any other way?

Buildings that will;

  • Stand the test of time
  • Meet the needs of today’s communities – and invite tomorrow
  • Presents a fulfilment of everyone’s investment
  • Demonstrate the potential of clever design and crafted construction

Partnering for excellence

Every project creates the potential for optimal outcomes

Our principles and experience in the field have consistently reaffirmed our belief that excellent outcomes are generated from the quality of collaboration set up from the start. We stay close to our clients – communication is vital.

We see the project in its community context – where and how is it impacting? Where is future value being created?

We are highly aware of and engaged in safety requirements – risk is central to all decisions.

And finally – we solve problems through transparency, simplicity, and consistent engagement with stakeholders.

“It’s rare in the building and construction industry to find people like Lakshu. At H.CO, we’ve had the privilege of dealing with Lakshu over a number of years, and the experience with him has always been very positive."

Michael Tiemens
Managing Director, H.CO Property

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