Prahran’s Pride and Joy Gets a Makeover : Exemplo Partners on Prahran Market Revitalisation

It’s a genuine honour to confirm our ongoing partnership with the City of Stonnington. Following our successful multi-million dollar restoration of the beloved Prahran Aquatic Centre, we’re embarking on a project close to the hearts of many Melbournians – the revitalisation of the Prahran Market. Our team of dedicated construction experts are also locals who regularly visit these iconic Prahran landmarks. So this ongoing collaboration with the City of Stonnington is one in which we’re deeply invested.

The project officially kicked off at the beginning of the year and is slated for completion in September. The refurbishment encompasses a variety of improvements, all designed to elevate the Prahran Market experience for everyone.

To ensure we get every detail of the restoration right, we’ve dedicated ample time to collecting input from all stakeholders involved. From the Prahran Market itself to the stallholders, council members, and other stakeholders, we’ve kept the communication flowing with weekly meetings and clearly articulated plans. We’ll be keeping this up to ensure everyone is informed and involved throughout the process.

As always, safety and minimising disruptions are our primary concerns. To support the beautifully bustling market environment, we’ve scheduled all overhead work for non-market days. Birdcage scaffolding will add an extra layer of safety, ensuring patrons can enjoy the space while the project is underway.

With only two non-market days a week, we’ve had to get deeply specific in our strategy for loading and unloading materials and equipment. However, a combination of careful planning and clear communication has made this feasible. Indeed, communication and collaboration are the key ingredients driving this project. We’re working hand-in-hand with everyone involved to ensure these much-needed upgrades become a reality.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the exciting enhancements you can expect:

  • Improved climate control: A brand new air-conditioning system will ensure year-round comfort, with centralised control via a Building Management System.
  • More efficient power supply: Upgrades are underway to meet the current electrical demands, support the new air-conditioning, and cater to the future needs of the market. A dedicated substation room has already been completed and awaits connection to the new power supply in the coming months.
  • Brighter and more vibrant roof: The existing glass roof will be replaced with curved 30mm honeycomb polycarbonate sheets. This will elevate the overall ambience and incorporate three beautiful colour variations.
  • Safety first: Fire services across the market are being upgraded to meet the latest compliance standards.

We’re committed to completing the project on time and with minimal disruption to the Prahran Market community. A big thank you to our dedicated project partners whose expertise and support are instrumental in the smooth execution of this endeavour.

At Exemplo, we are passionate about creating positive change within our communities. We look forward to seeing the revitalised Prahran Market flourish and can’t wait for everyone to return and delight in its renewed charm!

For further information, contact:

Lakshu Adaikalavan

[email protected]

03 8420 3508

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