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Construction projects have always been a little more complex, particularly those in the community sector. And indeed, from a social perspective, the level and type of public use are intense.  No longer simply a bricks-and-mortar affair, complexities such as safety standards, future maintainability, and non-variable deadlines. A current & and yes, our first as Exemplo Constructions®);

The Kerry Barreiro Swim School in Mitcham (Melbourne) is one of the most highly sought institutions for parents and their children to learn lifesaving skills. The proprietor, Kerry Barreiro, intends to replace the current roof and structure (originally built in 1991) above the existing pool. This investment will ensure that the facilities can continue to be enjoyed and deliver potential lifesaving skills for future generations.

Modern projects are designed and delivered to not only meet all current standards – they can demand a high level of management of resources, skills, and a tacit understanding of how these elements come together. 

For example, it was critical that the school continue to operate and offer lifesaving lessons on either side of the winter holidays closure.  So non-negotiable start & finish within the month of July and handed back to the school fully commissioned, ready for restart of public use.  A critical success factor is that the pool water must remain in the pool during the works.

The design will need to accommodate this constraint, both from a construction methodology perspective and site safety. Furthermore, the design must also consider and integrate the ongoing serviceability and maintenance of the roof – both above and below.

Exemplo is acting as the agent for the Client on this project, engaging and managing all design consultants. This project will be delivered under a Construction Management arrangement. Exemplo will support the local community by awarding the project to local subcontractors and suppliers.

For the communities involved, the modern construction project will demand the capacity and ability to marry up the challenges and demands of complexity. Fulfilling these projects to gain the optimum value and benefits for stakeholders is highly satisfying work for all involved.  

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